Study of influence of bending parameters on part distortions made by sheet metal press forming and subsequently heat treated

Créé le : 04/04/2016

Maillard A., Buvron M., Jalabert G. - 01/05/2015 - RC - IDDRG 2015…

In the field of flat springs, it is usual to associate, in a first step, the sheet metal forming press and, in a second step, the heat treatment. This involves part geometry problems difficult to manage. After a presentation at the IDDRG 2014 of the main causes of these distortions, the phase of the study that is presented focuses on the relationships between bending parameters and part deformations before and after heat treatment. Bending parameters that were studied are the inner part bending radius, bending angle, the origin of the sheet supply, the use or not of a coining operation and the rolling direction.

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